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Can you help us by fundraising in your local area?

The Southern Spinal Injuries Trust helps people across the south and south west, which is a big region – from the top of Cornwall, to the east in the Brighton area, and up to the M4 including Bristol, Berks and North Hampshire.  So that we can continue helping as many people as possible, we need to raise funds in all the counties and local areas in this region; and to do that effectively, we need the help of local people and organisations.

Please nominate SSIT to your local school, Church, Employer or other group looking for charities to support and donate to.  If you know who you would like to approach but would like some help to do it, just ask us at info@ssit.org.uk .

If you can help us by arranging your own local fundraising event for SSIT please let us know by emailing info@ssit.org.uk with your contact details.  Visit our Fundraising page for inspiration and ideas.


Event volunteering 

Help make our events a success!

We organise fundraising events across the region and volunteers play a vital role in making our events happen. You could help ensure our events run smoothly and safely on the day.