Hadrian’s Wall Conquered!

On one of the hottest weekends of the summer, five teams of intrepid walkers – including four corporate groups from Salisbury – walked 84 miles in under 48 hours along Hadrian’s Wall, and in so doing raised more than £12,000 for SSIT.

The Hadrian’s Wall 84:48 Challenge, which was led by accountancy firm Smith & Williamson, involved 21 people walking a combined distance of over 1700 miles in less than two days. Two teams were made up of Smith & Williamson staff, and one each came from Morgan Roberts and Savills. A further team was made up of SSIT supporters from the region.

Trustee Jeremy Major, who led one of Smith & Williamson teams, commented: “This was a really tough challenge with some difficult walking at a good pace. Our legs and feet took a real battering but the spectacular views on route, combined with the knowledge that we were raising money for SSIT, made it worthwhile.”

Starting at Wallsend in Newcastle upon Tyne, it was a good four hours hard walking on tarmac before the teams had reached the open countryside and the ruins of the wall at Heddon-on-the-Wall. With two long days of walking ahead of them, there was little time to stop and appreciate the ruins and the beautiful rugged landscape of Northern England – the teams marched on, enduring scorching sunshine and blistered feet. Their support vehicles kept them well-fed and watered and even supplied ice foot baths to one lucky team.

Event organiser Rebecca Combes of Smith & Williamson said: “I’m so proud of all the teams that took part. It was a huge effort and we are very grateful for people giving so much time and energy to complete the challenge. Our thanks also go to everyone who sponsored and supported the teams.”

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