SSIT Charity Skydive
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SSIT Charity Skydive

27th April 2019

If you have ever dreamt of doing a Skydive we can help you to fulfill that dream!

A tandem skydive is far more than just jumping out of a plane, it’s an exhilarating experience jumping from 10,000ft resulting in a 30 second ground rushing freefall experience.

All tandem skydives include a magical 5 minute parachute ride across the Salisbury Plain where the awesome views include sites of prehistoric interest.

Sign up & secure your place for the charity day on the 27th or book a day of your choice.

Please do check the medical form

The total cost is £225 which includes a deposit of £50 when you sign up, followed by the remaining £175 a week before the jump.

Fund Raising

We do ask you to raise as much as you possibly can for SSIT. You can do your online fundraising page on Wonderful (as they don’t charge us any fees) which makes it quick and simple for your friends, family and work colleagues to support you. You can share the link to your fundraising page on Wonderful via your social media pages and through texts and emails, set up your page here!

Thank you for your support & see you there!

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