Paul Smart’s 500 Mile Camino Challenge in a Wheel Chair

500 miles in a wheel chair is quite a challenge and this is what Paul Smart is taking on in May 2018.

Paul has been an active Trustee of SSIT since 2013. His life changed within a second when he suffered a severe spinal injury 17 years ago which left him paralysed. Living life in a wheelchair, Paul is highly aware of the specialist equipment needed to improve daily life and independence for someone with a spinal injury and therefore every penny that is raised on this challenge will go to the Southern Spinal Injuries Trust.

Paul is taking on this huge adventure of the ‘500 Mile Camino Challenge’ following the old pilgrim route which stretches 780 kilometres (500 miles) from St Jean-Pied-Du-Port in France over the Pyrenees to Santiago. Paul & his team hope to complete the trek in 5-6 weeks starting in May 2018.  This will be an incredibly personal journey for Paul physically and mentally and for his support team as well.

Please read Paul’s story and see how you can support this amazing and courageous man on his journey of a lifetime.

Press coverage on Paul’s Camino Challenge